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Glad to see another submission of yours

UGLY was Ren and Stimpy-esque in plot, sound, and even drawing style to some extent with the closeups and senseless violence ;) Consider bringing that old man back in future movies, he has some potential :D


That was some trippy stuff man. Those were some disturbing visuals driven by pounding beat and a weird fascination of animals and sexuality... or maybe narcotics... at any rate that was pretty entertaining, I couldn't wait to see what twisted piece of your imagination popped up next.

All hail teh clocks

I am going through the same thing as beefhaze! I have always thought of the clocks as producing half-ass spammy flash but, teh clocks seem to be making much more entertaining flash! I think the quality of the animation was great and you picked just the right clocks for every situation! Now I am left wishing I had become a clock... (agh clock envy!?)
Thanks for all of your hard work!

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

No, thank you for enjoying it!:)

Cool beans

I agree with the last review you deserve your own section. You should keep going on with NG news, it is entertaining, informative, and original.
Peace, love, and prosperity


That was very funny Dave, you easily adapt to whatever you are working with and make it fresh and great :)
I liked that little twist at the end, very creative. Keep up the good work (like I need to say that) We at NG will always be looking foward to your new work!

The shiznit

That was hilarious!!! I will never get tired of Pube Muppet, viva la PUBE!!! Ol' pubey is looking better then ever by the way ;). Goddamn, that song was funny. More...Pube...I...need...more... >:o Omg what is happenening to me >:S !?

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

Lol, thanks! I've been getting that a lot! He does look better...


Wink - the new NG mascot?! Ok, maybe not but he rox mah sox fo' shizzle dizzle! I liked the idea of the dress-up game during the loading, it makes us dial-up not feel so bad, lol. I feel more flash animations should implement something like that (the homestar outfit pwns btw). All I have left to say is keep up this smooth animation with more installments ! :D

And a hero was born...

That was very good Bleeg, I have to say; the animation was well done. The music brought tension at the right moments, and added to the victory at the end. I'm looking foward to the next :).

On a side note, did you know Steven was dropped from Dell after he was busted for possesion of Marijuana?

Killer as always

You did it again Dave, your combo of great sound quality, very fitting cute yet weirdy/disturbing visuls and an awesome plot that has both twists and insanly funny one-liners, is the absolute shiznit! The only thing missing was bunny never died! >_<

OMfG thsi R0x0rzzz!11!!

This is the one of best movies on Newgrounds! Omfg, I can't stop watching it!!! Through the whole thing I was laughing my arse off!! I love the broad range of jokes you crammed in there, and I think the subtitles added so much :D !! The graphics where great and it made it that much funnier. The sound was awesome and you did a great job making all the voices, I think Joe was funny in contrast to everything else personally :D
I can't praise this movie enough, thank you so much for this Flash. Please make another !

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