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Glad to see another submission of yours

UGLY was Ren and Stimpy-esque in plot, sound, and even drawing style to some extent with the closeups and senseless violence ;) Consider bringing that old man back in future movies, he has some potential :D


That was some trippy stuff man. Those were some disturbing visuals driven by pounding beat and a weird fascination of animals and sexuality... or maybe narcotics... at any rate that was pretty entertaining, I couldn't wait to see what twisted piece of your imagination popped up next.

All hail teh clocks

I am going through the same thing as beefhaze! I have always thought of the clocks as producing half-ass spammy flash but, teh clocks seem to be making much more entertaining flash! I think the quality of the animation was great and you picked just the right clocks for every situation! Now I am left wishing I had become a clock... (agh clock envy!?)
Thanks for all of your hard work!

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

No, thank you for enjoying it!:)

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A triumph of free speech and creative freedom.

I put close to zero credence in reviews due to various spam groups propagating their agenda of awards manipulation and the vast morass that is ignorant, unquestioning public opinion (amongst other things), but I feel compelled to review this flash despite the almost inherent futility of the act.

First and foremost, I commend you on how you conveyed the events of the massacre. People playing the game had to follow a rough parallel of the final day of Cho Seung-Hui's life to advance the story. You included some popular conjecture of Cho's motives that has been circulating around the internet into this storyline, but that definitely fits the bill stylistically considering the various internet slang and memes referenced throughout.

While the pixel graphics were adequate the sound is where you really excelled. People familiar with the case will instantly recognize the song "Shine" by Collective Soul. Cho listened to this song compulsively and even inscribed the lyrics on a dorm wall. During the second phase of the game that includes a stealth-based theme, Mr. Brownstone is played. This is a reference to the name of a disturbing play written by Cho. At Norris Hall, where the main massacre takes place, there are many witty aphorisms you included that Cho seemingly thinks to himself during the massacre. Some of these include the extent of the damage he inflicts, the killing of false idols (which he mentions in his manifesto), and of course the Zerg "bullet" rush. A particularly interesting quip is intoned after killing Professor Liviu Librescu.

All in all, this was a decent game rife with entertaining witticisms that demonstrate this was all done in jest, with no real malicious intent. It was unique and for the most part, well thought out. Sure, some will infer that this was made in poor taste. Maybe a disclaimer asserting sympathies to anyone involved could have been handy to help people generally acquiesce, while simultaneously letting your true intent be conveyed. This deserves recognition, but I fear it will be the wrong type.

PiGPEN responds:

Nicely done sir for being above the grain, Gold Star.


This sets a whole new bar for sims on NG. Both the depth and diversity really set this submission apart (Flash and Outlook Express were brilliant)! I loved hunting for the secrets you seemingly crammed into every corner as well! This kept me entertained for quite some time, kudos!

Awesome FPS for NG

The intense animation style was great, as was the cutscenes. This has improved in all aspects from the first and I can't wait to see the third installment to see your progress, especially after that teaser bonus ending!

P.S. The game isn't hard at all, people think so because of the reloading. To remedy this continually tap the reload button while shooting to never run out of ammo, don't wait for the reload screen to pop up - you lose serious health while doing so.

Nebula-Entertainment responds:

Nice Tip, Maybe I'll put it up in my comments. thanks for playing.

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